Vietnamese Street Food: Famous Dishes

Vietnamese Street Food: Famous Dishes

Street food has the heart of almost every Southeast Asian countries. Vietnam is one of the countries which is famous for its street food. Wandering around the streets, one will find food stalls every corner of the road, with a rustic appearance and plastic tools scattered for people to sit and enjoy.

The Streets Of Vietnam

Like any other Asian country, the streets of Vietnam are all filled up with small food stalls serving various menus. There is a variety of Vietnamese street food which is on the streets of Vietnam. 

Some of the famous Vietnamese street food

Rice Noodle Soup (Phó)

One of the most famous Vietnamese street food is rice noodle soup, also called phó in the local language. Phó is a local dish made out of chewy rice staple mixed with spicy broth and served with different flavored herbs sprinkled above it.

Vietnamese Sandwich (Bańh Mí)

Vietnamese Street Food: Famous Dishes
Vietnamese Street Food: Famous Dishes

The sandwich is yet another popular Vietnamese street food, found in almost every food stall in Vietnam. The crusty bread stuffed with pickled vegetables and coriander with pieces of meat, which mainly includes pork. The toppings of this sandwich can be an egg, meatballs, and more.

Vietnamese Street Food: Rice Paper Salad (Bańh Tŕang Tŕon)

Another popular dish found on the streets of Vietnam is the Rice paper salad, which is known as Bańh tŕang tŕon in the local language. It prepares with rice paper strips, various dried protein such as beef, squid or shrimp. It also includes sour green mango, mint and sweet basil leaves. It is famous for its soft, spicy, tart dressing. 

Sea Snails (Õc)

This dish serves in many ways. It is either steamed, fried, seasoned, or grilled. These savory snails serve as an enjoying meal with some icy beers and good friends.

Vietnamese Street Dessert (Ché)

Ché is a word used to describe desserts in the Vietnamese language. It is mainly a beverage which refreshes the mind and soul of one in a hot and humid day. It is a blend of coconut milk, almonds, and other different ingredients.

Hoi An Noodles. (Cao Lâu)

Coa làu is a noodle exclusively in Hoi An. This noodle has a very mysterious backstory. This dish consists of udon-like noodles, different sized barbequed pork, crunchy croutons, and crispy fresh greens.

Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are famous all around the globe. Various varieties of fillings include meat, vegetables, shrimps folded in rice paper. These are profoundly fried and are served fresh for a delight to taste buds. These are enjoyed more in the dipping sauce and enjoyed by everyone.

Vietnamese Street Food: Famous Dishes
Vietnamese Street Food: Famous Dishes

Vietnamese Street Food: A Pleasure To The Taste Buds

This street food makes everyone crave for eating even when they are not hungry. These foods add up different flavors and spices, which takes one to a ride of experiencing different tastes and happiness. 

These foods come under the street food section as these are available in almost every street food stall in Vietnam. These street foods are quite famous not only in Vietnam but virtually in every corner of the world. These are highly renowned food dishes.

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