Vietnamese Pho: Preparation -

Vietnamese Pho: Preparation

Vietnamese Pho: Preparation

Vietnamese Pho is one of the traditional Vietnamese food that is famous for its authentic taste and diverse use of ingredients. The dish is prevalent in the world and is available in restaurants all over the world. The traditional food does not require many parts and is a light food but has a great taste. The unique flavor of the spices like star anise, cinnamon, and cardamon. The travelers from all over the world visit Vietnam to taste the authentic street foods. Pho is not easy to prepare and takes time. The travelers try to make the recipe at their home after consuming it in the country. Pho is a very serious dish and is one of the best rice noodle soup in the world.

How To Prepare Vietnamese Pho Recipe At Home?

Vietnamese Pho: Preparation
Vietnamese Pho: Preparation

It can be a significant challenge to cook the traditional Vietnamese Pho at home. The recipe is has a pretty simple preparation.

Vietnamese Pho: Ingredients Required To Make At Home

Two halved and large onions

150grams of sliced ginger

Ten-star anise

Four quills if cinnamon

Four pods of cardamon

Three cloves

One and a half tablespoon of coriander seeds

One and a half kilograms of brisket

One kilogram of meaty beef bones

One kilogram of marrow bones

Three and a half liters of quarter water

Two tablespoons of white sugar

One tablespoon of salt

Three tablespoons of fish sauce

50grams of dried rice sticks

30grams of raw thin slices of beef

Three to five slices of brisket

A few bean sprouts

Three to five sprigs of Thai basil

Three to five sprigs of Cilantro

Lime wedges

Sliced red chili


Hoisin sauce

Preparation for the dish


Vietnamese Pho: Preparation
Vietnamese Pho: Preparation

Take a heavy skillet and heat until it is smoking. Add the ginger and onion in the pan and cook for a few minutes. Once the aromatics are charred, put down the flame. Then under medium heat, toast the spices in a dry pan for three minutes.

Removal Of Impurities

Finely rinse the brisket and bones and cover it with water in a large pot. Then boil it for about five minutes. After that, drain the water. Clean every bone and brisket in water.

Vietnamese Pho: How To Prepare The Broth?

To prepare the broth, take three and a half liters of water and boil it. Next add the brisket,  bones,  ginger, onion and other spices. Then add salt and sugar. Simmer it for three hours. Then slowly remove the brisket and cool it. After that, simmer the soup that remains uncovered for forty minutes. Take another pot to add the broth and discard the bones and spices. The food is around ten cups. Finally add salt,  sugar and fish sauce. The soup will be beefy and filled with spicy aromas. It will be savor in taste.

Addition Of The Entire Dish

Right before serving the dish,  add the rice noodles. Place them in a bowl and add brisket and raw beef as toppings. Use a spoon to add the broth and cook the meat on medium heat.

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