Vietnamese Cuisines: Things You Do Not Know

Vietnamese Cuisines

Vietnamese Cuisines is one of the popular cuisines in the world. People from all around the globe visit Vietnamese restaurants and have Vietnamese foods. The traditional Vietnamese dishes have made the cuisine popular among people. The Vietnamese foods are not only fascinating but tasty as well. However, there are some facts that will totally surprise you.

Vietnamese Cuisines
Vietnamese Cuisines

The Famous Five Elements Of Vietnamese Cuisines

Vietnamese Cuisines
Vietnamese Cuisines

The traditional Vietnamese Cuisine is popular for the five elements which is perfect for maintaining health and balance. The cuisine is a mixture of sour, sweet, bitter, salt and hotsaltye best feature about the cuisine is that it works between the five elements of well being and health. The mix of the flavours gives the cuisine uniqueness and versatility.

Breakfasts Items

The Vietnamese breakfasts are sugary and delicious. People usually enjoy cereals in their breakfasts. Since these people wake up early., they need good heavy food for breakfasts. Therefore, banh mid, hot soup etc. are best for them.

Vietnamese Cuisines: The Divided Regional Cuisine

Vietnam has three regional division, the south, north and central. Even though there are various common practices among these there regions, they have a unique taste of cuisines. The northern foods prefer to use black pepper over chillies. While the south prefers sweet food with a lot of herbs. The central cuisine prefers to have spicy food and tangy flavors. All of this makes the Vietnamese cuisine famous all over world.

Raw Animal Blood Soup

It might be unknown to you that the Vietnamese people consume raw animal blood. Duck or pig blood soup is famous in the country. Fish sauce, cooked meat, herbs and fresh animal blood is used to make the famous Tiet can dish. The buttery sour soup is best with rice wine. However, it is consumed occasionally during lunar new year or other festivities.


Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the country. Vietnam is famous for its coffee product with a strong flavour. People use milk and ice to consume coffee. The natural brewing coffee is best enjoyed by the Vietnamese people.

Fetal Eggs Of Duck

The duck eggs that have partially develop fetus are a popular food in the streets of Vietnam. These eggs are consumed after boiling along with the shell covers. It is high with nutrition and have rich flavors.

The Famous Fish Sauce

One of the main components of Vietnamese Cuisines if the famous sauce. Fermented anchovies along with pinches of salt is a perfect way to consume the fish sauce. Spring rolls and others are best to consume with the fish sauce.

Vietnamese Liquid Desserts

With the variant temperatures in Vietnam, the people live to have cold liquid desserts. Vietnamese soups, drinks, puddings are the best liquid desserts famous in the world. Kidney beans, fruits and coconut milk are some of the famous ingredients to prepare Vietnamese desserts.

Vietnamese Cuisines: Conclusion

There are various types of food which makes Vietnamese cuisine famous in the world. The Vietnamese food is popular for its variant taste and elements. The diverse food types and unique flavors attract tourists. Pho is one of the famous Vietnamese soups which is a popular dish. Various Vietnamese restaurants present all over the world have this dish in their menu.

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