Pho Menu: How To Cook? -

Pho Menu: How To Cook?

Pho Menu: How To Cook?

Pho menu is one of the world-famous traditional Vietnamese food menu. The Pho menu is exceptional for its use of ingredients and variant flavor. The dish extremely popular in the streets of Vietnam. It is a famous preparation in various restaurants all over the world. 

Pho Menu: How To Cook?
Pho Menu: How To Cook?

There is a variety of Pho style recipe available in Vietnam. The dish distinguishes in the country as northern and southern Pho. The people of the north use green onion,  cilantro, chili sauce, garlic, etc. While the south of Pho uses ingredients like chili,  bean sprouts, fresh herbs, and housing sauce, it is best to serve with noodles in steaming broth.

However, many people can prepare Pho menu at home. Among various recipes, Authentic Pho is the typical dish cooked by people.

Pho Menu: How To Cook Authentic Pho?

The authentic dish Pho takes six hours to prepare. It is an incredibly delicious Vietnamese food famous all over the world.

Ingredients Required To Cook Authentic Pho

Beef soup bones around four pounds

Two halves of an unpeeled onion

Fresh ginger cut in five pieces

One tablespoon of salt

Two pods of star anise

Two and a half tablespoon of fish sauce

Four quarter of the water

One packet of eight-ounce rice noodles dried.

One and a half-pound of beef top sirloin which is cut in thin pieces

Half cup of chopped cilantro

One tablespoon of chopped green onions

One and a half cup of bean sprouts

On a bunch of Thai basil

One lime sliced in four pieces

One-fourth cup of hoisin sauce

One-fourth cup of siracha (commonly known as a chile-garlic sauce).

Steps To Cook Authentic Pho

The first thing is to preheat the oven at 220 degrees Celsius. The second step is to take a baking sheet and place the beef bones. Insert it in the oven to roast for one hour until it turns brown. Next, take another baking sheet and cook the same onions way until it is soft and black. It needs to roast for nearly forty-five minutes.

Pho Menu: How To Cook?
Pho Menu: How To Cook?

After that, take a large pot and place the bones, onions, star anise, salt, ginger, and fish sauce. Fill the pot with four quarter of water and boil it on low heat. Cook the entire dish for six to ten hours. Next, take a saucepan and strain the broth.

In another large bowl, take the rice noodles, soak and boil the water for one hour. Once the water comes to boil, place the soaked noodles in it for a minute. After that, wait till the water simmers.

Finally, the dish is ready. You need to divide the noodles into four different serving bowls and add cilantro, sirloin and green onions as toppings. Stir the beef for two minutes, until it is cooked and loses its pink color. Finally,  serve the dish with hoisin sauce, chili garlic sauce, bean sprouts, Thai Basil, and lime wedges.

One serving of the entire dish contains more than five hundred calories. The meal is highly nutritious with 66gm of carbohydrate and 35gm of protein. The total fat contains per serving is 11gm.

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