Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make? -

Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make?

Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make?

In the modern world, very few people feel like consuming chicken, beef, pork, or any nonvegetarian food. There are hundreds of vegan recipes that are healthy and tasty.

Best Vegetarian Recipes

Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make?
Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make?

Sweet Potato Cakes With Poached Eggs

The gluten-free sweet potato cakes along with poached eggs are the best vegetarian recipes a perfect weekend breakfast. For spices, harissa adds to the dish for a better taste. The preparation of the meal takes around fifteen minutes. 

Ingredients Required To Prepare The Dish

Take four eggs

50grams of harissa

200grams of Greek yogurt

One tablespoon of micro herbs

For the preparation of sweet potato cake

Take 500grams of sweet potato finely grated and peeled

200grams of gluten-free sugar

One small pack of chopped parsley

Egg whites of four eggs

50grams of harissa

Olive oil

Step By Step Preparation Method

At first, take the extra moisture of the sweet potato out and combine with parsley,  flour, harissa, egg white and salt in a large bowl. Then mix the ingredients well until it gets sticky. The mixture is used to make a sweet potato cake. Next, take the dough and shape it into eight cupcakes. Then take some oil in a frying pan and fry the cakes for three minutes on each side until it turns golden brown.

After that, take a saucepan of simmering water to poach the eggs. The fact about yolk is it should be runny.

Spread the harissa in the center of the serving plates and use yogurt for topping. After that add the potato cakes to every dish and sandwich the cake with another potato cake with yogurt topping. Top the remaining with yogurt and egg. Season the pie with harissa and spread over micro herbs.

Burnt Aubergine Veggie Chilli

Aubergine chili is a warm dish and low in fat. It is a spicy dish, and best when served with brown rice. It is one of the best vegetarian recipes and highly nutritious.

Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make?
Best Vegetarian Recipes: How To Make?

Ingredients Required To Prepare Aubergine Veggie Chili

One aubergine

One tablespoon of rapeseed oil or olive oil

One diced red onion

Two finely chopped carrots

70gram of rinsed green lentil

30gram of rinsed red lentil

400grams of kidney beans

Three tablespoons of dark soy sauce

400grams can of chopped tomatoes

20grams of chopped dark chocolates

One-fourth teaspoon of chili powder

Two teaspoons of dried oregano, ground cumin, and smoked paprika

One teaspoon coriander

One teaspoon cinnamon

800ml of vegetable stock

Half lime juiced

Ingredients Required For Brown Rice Preparation

Tortilla chips


Avocado properly mashed

Cheddar finely grated

Chopped cilantro

Step By Step Method To Prepare The Dish

Firstly if you have a hob, then directly char the aubergine and burn it entirely using cooking tongs. Once the aubergine turns black, set it aside to cool. Then remove the stem and carefully peel off the skin. Then chop the flesh.

Next, take a large pan and heat oil. Fry the onions and carrot over a pinch of salt keep the heat in a low-medium state for about twenty minutes. The carrots will be soft by then.

Finally add the aubergine with lentils, kidney beans and its liquid,  tomatoes,  chocolate,  soy sauce, oregano, chili powder, and other spices. Mix it well and finally add the stock. Once the dish comes to boil, low the heat. Then cover and cook for one and a half hour. Make sure it doesn’t burn and stir it every fifteen minutes.

Once the sauce gets thick, add the line juice and salt. Serve it with hot brown rice.

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